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Valentines Themed Scripts. Find the right script to perform for your church, school or next event. 1 2 >
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The story of Saint Valentine is partly myth, but it’s hard to tell which parts. We do know that at least one man, a priest and a bishop, was martyred in Rome under Claudius.
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HILARIOUS Valentine's Day Video! Must See! : Make the Most of Being Single, Comedy Videos - Download this and 37,000 other worship media templates at A funny.
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Remember When-Comedy Jack and Melissa reminisce with their parents and grandparents about the past: Themes: Remembering times past.
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Dave Barnes - God Gave Me You, Music Videos - Happy Valentine's Day everyone! God's greatest commandment is to LOVE. Today is not only a time to celebrate love for each other.
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Christian Valentine Skit Ideas. When prearing a Christian Valentine's Day skit, you want to think of themes that promote godly values in relationships while still having fun.
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Simple List of Church Skits for Young Children. Preschool children are busy people, even at church. Keep them occupied, entertained and learning with a well-chosen skit.
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A Grateful Heart-Comedy Beth prays for a grateful heart but when she gets it(a red heart that follows her) she's not convinced she wants it anymore.
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Skits for MarriedPeople Skits are a great way to promote your marriage strategy or make a point in a message. But you’re busy and/or have little time in your services, events.
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Here are 26 fun and interactive church bulletins for kids. They concentrate on popular Bible stories and themes, and make great take-home sheets for lessons, as well. Get two.
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